Welsh Ponies

The Welsh pony is a breed of small horse of European origin. First bred primarily in Saxony, it later became localized in Wales. Although the breed is of ancient type, it presently bears traces of the Arabian horse and shows influences of the Thoroughbred horse. It is a popular children’s pony and has been used extensively for light labor, especially in the harness, having trotting tendencies similar to those of the Standardbred horse. The Welsh pony is taller than the Shetland pony, averaging just over 12 hands (48 in./120 cm). It is usually of solid color, with grays, whites, and chestnuts predominating.

​Fernrigg Welsh Ponies are Section B Welsh from excellent blood lines.

The Welsh Pony (Section B) is slightly larger than the Welsh Mountain Pony. Welsh Ponies were used as a riding pony by shepherds and farmers in the hills of Wales. The Welsh Section B pony stands up to 13.2 hh., can be any colour except Piebald and Skewbald. The Welsh Section B pony has a small pony head, long neck, long sloping shoulders, deep girth, muscular back and quarters. Quick, free and straight movement. Welsh Section B ponies are intelligent, kind, brave and spirited. The Welsh Section B makes an excellent child’s or small adult’s pony.

We also cross the Welsh Section B ponies with Morgan horses for a slightly larger pony – 14 – 14.2hh – with more bone. These part-bred ponies are well suited for both Pony Club and carriage driving.

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