Border Terriers

The Border Terrier has been a very healthy breed; however, like all dogs, Border Terriers have occasional health concerns. Each litter is carefully planned and sire and dam are both health checked to the limit of our genetic and veterinary knowledge. We test hearts, eyes, hips and knees. We choose breeding animals with no history of genetic disease in their pedigree, who meet breed standard, and who complement each other ’s qualities. Temperament is of primary concern when breeding a litter of pups!


Border Terriers originated from the Border country–the Cheviot Hills that form the boundary between Scotland and England. The people living in this area wanted a dog that could follow a horse yet be small enough to “go to earth”. The strong hill foxes were formidable and it took a compactly built and sensible dog, as well as a good hunter, to stay with them until they could be brought to bay. The Borders ran alongside the hunters and the hounds so this little dog is built with a lot of stamina.

Coat and colour

Borders are rough -coated and most commonly come in various shades of red grizzle, grizzle and tan, or blue and tan (looks black with some light colored ticking). The Border has a double coat with the outer coat wiry and water -repellent while beneath is a soft, velvet -like undercoat. This double coat insulates the Border. It is not necessary to bathe Borders as this will soften their coats. Brushing weekly and periodic stripping of the wiry outer coat is all that is necessary for grooming.

The “Otter” head

The Border’s head is very distinctive resembling the head of an otter with its head flat and broad in the skull with ears not set too high. The muzzle is broad and short in appearance. The ears are small and V -shaped and preferably dark in color. They are not set high on the head but rather somewhat on the side and dropping forward. A Border’s eyes are dark hazel.


Borders are terriers bred for utility and purpose. A natural dog, they do not have cropped ears or tails. The average weight for an adult Border Terrier is approximately 12 -18 pounds. These dogs are easy going, well adjusted, and a good all -around family pet. They are at home both in the country and in a city apartment. They are great companions!


Pets —stripped minimum twice a year —more often if you like a neater look. Nails clipped every 4 -6 weeks; Generally Borders do not require frequent bathing which softens the coat and causes it to lose it ’s natural dirt repellant quality. Brushing out old undercoat and top coat regularly will keep them healthy and happy and reduce shedding in the home.

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